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May 27, 2007
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Pick up only, I don't want to send her through the mail

I have a leopard gecko that I have had for some time now (6 years maybe) and because of circumstances, I think she would be better off with someone else. She is pretty big, yellow with black spots and some white, not nearly as yellow as the ones on the market now. She doesn't have a full tail, but didn't when I bought her either. She is very docile and loves being picked up (except when molting) and loves exploring. Just know that she'll look for anywhere to hide. Great first reptile for children. You can have her tank and all. I live in Guilford, CT near New Haven.

PM me if interested

I'll be up at the Mass OS show this Sunday if anyone is interested, I'll bring her up there.
Does it sell car insurance and talk with a British accent??? Oh yeah, that's a Day Gecko not a leopard. :)

Sorry I almost forgot these





She just sat there and posed for the pictures. My wife calls her Chilly Willy, or en español chiliwili.
eric, I used to give her crickets but now I am giving her the superwors, like huge mealworms