Laelia cardimii x Sophronitis coccinea var. flava

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I am enjoying the flower form, and the plant appears vigorous. I would hope that the flower count would increase as laelia cardimii which appears to be a synonym of Cattleya blumenscheinii, (Pabst) Van den Berg 2008 ( Kew ) can have a long inflorescence of flowers opening somewhat consecutive. Perhaps the coccinea will have detrimental influence on this count, but I expect that the flava form will have an explosive use in hybrids in the imminent future. I have been hoping for something like this recently purchasing several Bullara Blue Ridge Sunset, from Fred Clarke. His pic. below. I would definitely grow your laelia cardimii x sophronitis coccinea cross to see what I could do with it. With so many growths it could preform well for an orchid display.


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