Lady Isobel or Godiva? :-)

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Dec 23, 2020
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Xalapa (Veracruz, Mexico)
I just bought this plant. The seller only advertised it as stonei but when I asked more details, what it was my surprise that it was a cross with rothschildianum, so I knew it was a Lady Isobel, a hybrid that I wanted very much.

From tip to tip it measures 95 cms and the flower from 13 to 14. Two flowers and a bud. The tag says:

Paph stonei '2008' x Paph rothschildianum 'New Valley'

I have several questions:
1) Why not write it as Lady Isobel?

2) What characteristics do Paph stonei '2008' and Paph rothschildianum 'New Valley' have? I've searched the internet and can't find the cultivars. I have the impression that they are very dark cultivars. Rather than calling her Lady Isobel I would call her Lady Godiva. It's so chocolate! hehehe I've heard that until they're settled in their new home and after two or three bloomings, you have a real idea of what you have.

3) Can anyone recognize the nursery by the JF3343 nomenclature?

I’m fascinated with this plant. And I think I need to restaking it, I don´t like the way it was done.

Thank you so much!



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I only have feedback on 1... Sometimes vendors don't know what the crosses are named. Especially if they didn't make the crosses. Now, there isn't much excuse for not knowing that cross is Lady Isobel... Could be lazy. Could be they bought them to resell and just kept the tags the growers used (actually that is almost certain). The fact that they tried to sell it as stonei would lead me to believe they aren't particularly expert at paphs.

From the grower/producer perspective, many like to have the clonal names of the parents so that buyers have an idea of what to expect. They want to show that their cross is different from other crosses out there, and that their parents are superior. I certainly try to put the clonal names of the plants I use as studs, not that I'm all that good at breeding. :)
That is a very Stonei-heavy flower, perhaps that is why is was not named correctly. It could almost pass for a pure stonei, except for the staminode, which definitely shows a roth influence.

This plant came from James Fang at Hilo Orchid Farm (the “JF”), a large commercial/wholesale nursery in Hawaii. I have one of the exact same cross that I purchased from Marlow’s orchids several years ago at a show. Still waiting for a first bloom, but it will be fun to compare it with its sibling!