Kovachii ‘Laura’ x ‘Ana’

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Beautiful! I fear Kovachii would chose to die in our summer heat waves! No air conditioning! I have lost 2 Kovachii primary hybrids…one each year over the last 2 years! The rest seem determined to ignore the heat! It helps that they are in my kitchen South window. It is the coolest room in my house! Coming in from outdoors, it is quite refreshing!
Oldie for sure, one of the original ones offered.. and unfortunately, one I have sent under ground… maybe a few times.

How many kovachii plants do you grow now? And does anyone recall if Ana or Laura were included in the handfull of first plants collected to establish Alfredo’s breeding program?

Also, what ever happened to Alfredo? His website went dark a few years ago and I’ve not been able to find a trace of him online.

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