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Wanted Kiwi Bark

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There’s someone at my local orchid society that always has some- I bought a large bag of it at one time, have since used most of it. I can ask where they get it for u
how far east of the mississippi?
there are many nurseries that use NZ bark, and if asked may sell you a bag....
The society that i did belong to some years ago set up a bulk bag order with company in NC/GA area, and while we had to order a pallet (probably 60 bags encompassing various bark sizes) the club was able to offer reasonable pricing to members. One member offered to store any left over bags....
Does anyone know of a Kiwi Bark dealer east of the Mississippi River.
Fred at SVO has 50 liters for $35. Excellent price but shipping ruins his price...
In the northeast, the sources I am aware of are not really ‘dealers’, but are either small commercial growers that use it in their personal collections, or group buys. If you are in this for the long haul, the group buy works out to buy a pallet from Fred . But with shipping through normal trucking channels, expect that your end price will be in the 60$ a bag range….
The company that was mentioned in NC/GA that sells bark is probably Acadian Supply in Mooresville, NC. They import Orchiata bark (not Kiwi bark) and NZ Sphagnum. Last I checked, it was around $1,500 for a pallet of 72 x 35-Liter bags, not including shipping.