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Aug 21, 2006
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Saratoga Region, New York
I have been growing my Phrag Patti MacHale (sargentianum x pearcei) Into a specimen and am considering breaking it up into three large divisions. The Phrag comes into bloom in January for me and continues to bloom sequentially into August. Once it finishes blooming I will consider dividing, if there is an interest in someone purchasing the divisions. Each division will be multi growth. If you are interested I will count growths for you. I assume there will be at least 6-8 growths with a couple of growths previously bloomed. Here is a pic of the flowers. A pre besseae cross. This Phrag is not easy to come by. I did a google search and only found one for sale and that was for $250. I am thinking in the 80 to 100 dollar range per division.


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