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Aug 19, 2006
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London, UK
Hi all,
As a newbie I'm having some problem reading some of the potting mix recipies.
In particular I'd like to know what the following are:

S/H (expanded clay pellets ?)
sponge rock (I guess this is what is called rock wool in the UK ?)
CHC (cannot even make a stab in the dark with this one)

S/H is shorthand for Semi-hydroponics (the clay pellets)

Sponge Rock is actually a brand name (Sponge-Roc) that has been bastardized. It is not rockwool. It is a large grade of perlite (an expanded rock product that is white and very light and fluffy). It is tricky to find the larger grades of perlite. You could safely substitute the equivalent size of lava rock or pumice for sponge-roc

CHC usually stands for coconut husk chips - pieces of the outer husk of the coconut (a thick, fibrous layer that protects the coconut from seawater and helps it float for years if necessary). It is resistant to rot and holds quite a bit of moisture. Often used as a direct substitute for the equivalent grade of bark. You want to wash your CHC well before using it, as some of it comes from coconut that has been grown in saltwater conditions.
Thank you both for asking that question and for clearing that up! Is there anywhere on the forums where there is a list of all the fun terminology and acronyms people may use for us "what the heck are they talking about" people?
It never gets old hearing people ask if they are going to get banned for linking to something.

I vote for the orchidboard glossary too. I say why put the work into building one when it's already been done.
john, you know I was just kidding, since someone got banned earlier today. perhaps I should have used this smiley instead :poke: :poke: :poke:
I'm well aware that it's orchidsource forum and slipperorchid forum that are the problems. orchidboard is the other other white meat. :D or the good board. I tend to follow orchidboard more because I only have one paph.