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Jun 9, 2006
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Great Neck - New York
If I was to light scented a candle in a confined area, no windows open, for extended periods of time that contained plants. Would that be detrimental to paph./orchid health? Also paphs/orchids in sheath/bud/bloom?
I have heard that it isn't a good idea, but I have burned candles with or near my orchids many times, especially in the fall and winter and never noticed any difference.
i think that it may depend on whether it's a soy based wax candle or a typical wax candle. though, that may just be marketing....
i think that the little bit of co2 created by combustion might help a tiny bit, but i don't think it would make much of a difference either way
actually, in a confined area which can deplete the available co2, it might be helpful...
The problem with lighting fire is that ethylene is produced, which can cause bud blast or flowers to fade prematurely.

Paphs are not as sensitive to ethylene I heard. I wouldn't worry too much. My mom used to cook dinner right next to some phals everyday and they were fine. It is the cattleyas that are the most sensitive to polluted air.
I have used kerosene heaters on an emergency basis for a whole greenhouse with no ill effect aside from losing some blooms-I think you'd be OK just set it away from the plant.
smartie2000 said:
The problem with lighting fire is that ethylene is produced...

doesn't that depend on the source? i've actually not heard of ethelyne produced. carbon dioxide and water are the only things produced when fire is 'pure'. i know about nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, and some other things, which can be just as damaging to people, plants and animals. guess i'm just a little confused...
I burn candles quite a bit and have never noticed anything...then again they are nowhere near the orchid room. The room itself is right next to our furnace which is an ultra high efficiency gas furnace. So far there's been no sign of any damage after almost five years. (two years in the room and the rest in a plastic enclosed area beside the furnace)
i just saw something that says synthetic wax (i.e. not beeswax) is made from either ethelyne or natural gas....
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