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Mar 9, 2007
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Toronto, Ontario
Hey Guys! It seems that alot of people here have success growing in S/H. I grow mostly parvi hybrids with quite a few maudiae-type and I have been thinking of trying S/H. The thing is the only media that's available to me is Hydroton. Does anybody have any experience with this? The only size available is 8-16mm. Is this the right size? Hoping to hear from u guys! Thanks!

I prefer the old primeagra for my paphs but have some in hydroton. It will work for you. I only use the largest size hydroton for paphs and the smallest size leca for very fine rooted orchids.
I've been using Hydroton for my Phrags that are in S/H. Works well for me for most of them... some of them just don't do well, but I don't know whether it's because of the hydroton or that the plants just aren't ready or suited to S/H.

- Matt
Ray said:
It ought to be just fine, and yes, that's a good size.

Ray, I've heard really good things about the Old primeagra. Is there any way I can buy them? And do you ship to canada? How much would it cost to ship that 45-liter bag to Toronto?