How to revive a paph that I just received

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1) Demand a replacement or refund from the vendor.
2) Get a bottle of Kelpak* and mix up a 1% solution with tepid water..
3) Immerse the entire plant in the solution for a couple of hours..
4) Pot it up however you intend to grow it, long term, and water it in with the solution.
5) Invert a clear plastic bag over the plant and pot to trap humidity, and put it somewhere warm and with no direct sunlight (we don’t want “humidity tent” to become a “broiling bag”)

If it needs water during the next month, use the Kelpak solution at 1:250.

* C&C Orchids in Hamilton ON resells it in Canada via Facebook. If you are close enough to the border, I can save you money and ship it for free to one of those “shipping services” and you can pick it up.
Thanks for the information. I have already received a store credit and have been allowed to keep the said plant. I will send for Kelpak from C and C orchids but thanks very much for the offer. Your reply is much appreciated. I know a bit about paphs, having grown p Insigne and p gratrixianum for twenty years and because of illness, lost them both.