Hookerae ‘Icarus Wings’

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Feb 1, 2019
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It looks like hookerae season is upon us. Everyone seems to have one in spike or in buds. Exciting!

My hookerae was in bud for a long time since February ... 6 weeks? The bud kept growing higher and higher towards the light bulb until it almost touched it. I had to move it away in case it got burnt.

It finally opened couple days ago and it stretched his wings (petals) quite widely. They were so long and wide I aptly named him ‘Icarus Wings’ after the boy flew too close to the sun.

NS 11 cm, warm nights all year (19-21C) and medium low light (one LED bulb), heavy RO water all year, maybe slightly less (if anything, one day later) in winter. Feed every 2-3 watering with MSU/kelp alternate foliar spray, MgCal few times a year. Bark/perlite/charcoal mix.

09BA035B-7572-497E-BBDE-9540E8563B6C.jpeg E6E62CD4-E8E9-47FF-8640-3D01796C8A22.jpeg D6B194B6-77DF-4969-9D85-5450255C1C03.jpeg 58B6A3EE-9279-469A-9E11-E820247EB9A5.jpeg 72CBC149-36E2-4172-A13D-7EEF2B1DD85A.jpeg
Damn! That's GREEN!

Does the plant itself have a maroon pattern to the underside of the leaves? 2 of mine do the 3rd does not.
Thanks all for the encouragement for this nice flower. It’s always a great surprise when a good coloured flower with a good shape serendipitously appear after flowering a few bad ones in the past.
That infloresence... It's amazing... And then they say size doesn't matter :D
It's 50 cm high that infloresence. Crazy!

As for whether it is a volonteanum or hookerae, the verdict is out there. What is everyone's thoughts?

Note the staminode is notched on top and bottom (as would a hookerae) but the blushed maroon underside of leaves and deep flower colors are also present (as a volonteanum would).
Yes, it will be interesting to see what mine reveals. Mine are only about 30cm so I have some waiting. The all green plant is really behind at 1cm!
wonder if the two parents were both (true) hookerae? ;-)

either way would love having that on my bench to look at... wonderful... i have one just starting to show color from Sam... hoping it's a keeper
I have a volonteanum with a bud that I’m starting to worry about. I thought it would be open weeks ago. Still looks fat and green but no changes in awhile. Did you do anything condition wise to get it to open? I could really use a flower right now.

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