Hobbyist that want to start a greenhouse. Have Questions for more experienced than myself

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Jan 8, 2023
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Richmond Va
"If you want to see younger folks get more involved I would suggest not opening the conversation with insults and tired cable news talking points about them."

apparently, (tony) did not read my entire message... i did not open the conversation that way- i merely spoke my opinion based on MY experiences in several businesses, trying to get people to work, but this is not the major issue at hand. Business's nowadays have difficult roads to travel, and the orchid world is just one of them. It is a niche business. Maybe you (tony) haven't had any of these trials and tribulations on your end... kudos to you if you haven't.
I believe the people on here (like me) were answering and expressing their take on whether opening an orchid business was viable. If you found my message was insulting, then i am truly sorry to you. It was not meant that way, rather it was from my interaction and MY opinion.

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