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Hi everyone!!!

I am new to paphs but my wife loves them so much. During a Christmas party for the orchid society, I was given my first successful paph. I was given a Paph Lyro-Blackhawk and I took it home. My wife joked that I was a paph killer since I had successful killed every other paph I had gotten. I watered and fertilized it and before I knew I had a bloom spike. The plant that I had gotten was just in a 3" pot and by Feb meeting, I had my first bloom. I took it back to the society meeting and they couldn't believe how it bloomed. My first success.....so I am ready now to try others but since I live in Central Florida, I need some advice. What varieties would you all suggest for a newby try?

Thanks everyone,

You should get hold of a Paph victoria-regina, Paph primulimun. They are good growers and flowers for a long time sequentially one at a time. You should get a Paph callosum or Paph wardii.

Welcome to the forum!
You should go a talk with Mary and Paul Phillips at Ratcliffe Orchids while they are still in central Florida. I am certain they can give you all kinds of good advise, and they have great plants for sale here before they have to move back to England.
Welcome to the forum!!
Slipperfan's advice is excellent - Paul and Mary would definitely be able to hook you up. They have some very nice sequential bloomers such as Paphman recommended. I had a lovely primulinum and moquettianum from them for a while.

Personally, I would say though, just buy what you like - I just jumped in with both feet and never looked back. :)
Heather said:
Personally, I would say though, just buy what you like - I just jumped in with both feet and never looked back. :)

Welcome Wally. :)

Ditto on Heather. If you like it definately get what you like. If you don't want to wait and if you can afford it (mature multi-growths ones can get fairly pricey), get it as big as possible. There's alot of great vendors to choose from in the vendor section.

Enjoy your hunt.
Thanks...I do really love them so far. I was at Ratcliffe's when the trustee meeting in Orlando and I was amazed. Didn't know that they were moving back to England. :( I am going to have to get in contact with them :)


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