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Dec 9, 2006
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Penang, Malaysia..d home of fabulous paphs.
Im new here... Im paphioboy from Malaysia, the home of many fabulous paphs. So, let me introduce myself and also tell you a bit of how the 'paph craze' is like here...

Well... i started orchid-growing about 6 years ago.. and i'm now 18... :wink: I started with a mixed collection, and slowly shifted to paphs.. Paphs are now what i'm concentrating on... trying to acquire as many different types as possible.hehe... but i still keep the non-slipper species...
the rest are dendrobiums, catts, coels, and a few terrestrials (phaius etc..)
I have about 30 plants of various sizes in my paph collection now... ;)

As well known to us all, there are a number of very attractive paphs from Malaysia. Barbatum, callosum, niveum, dayanum, virens, tonsum, lawrenceanum, hookerae and volonteanum are among the single-flowered ones. But we musn't forget the multifloras like the famous rothschildianum, philippinense, stonei, sanderianum and lowii as well. Locally, amongst orchid society members, paphs are quite uncommon. Most frequently exhibited are species, as the hybrids are even more uncommon. Unfortunately, we can only grow the hot-house species. Intermediate temperature types do not bloom here, except in the highlands...:sob: complex hybrids are nearly non-existent here and multifloras cost a bomb!! But species from neighbouring Thailand and Indonesia can grow here.. So, basically, we are not spoilt for choice. how i envy all of you..:poke: hehe.
Hi paphioboy, welcome to the forum, we would love to see photos of your plants
thanks 4 all d welcome messages, everybody! =) I'll b happy 2 contribute as much as i can 2 this forum. But i dun think i can get hold of in-the-wild paph pics, though... they are not exactly weeds, growing everywhere... :poke: N i'm not an avid hiker, so guess no in-situ pics 4 now...:p