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Hugest Apologies!!!

especially as the Champion species was a most wonderful Paph fairrieanum!

Alas, I only got to the show on the last day and as I was holidaying with my puppies, by that stage my camera was full of doggie antic tricks... (note to self... buy another camera.... one for doggies, the other for orchids!)

Anyways, loads of bulldog paphs on show, and a lovely display of Phragmipediums. Hopefully Stephan may have taken pics or something...

couple of interesting things... maybe...

1. the flasks of Phrag kovachii got held up by Quarantine... so all the people who ordered the plants pretty much were worried that it would all come asunder! Thankfully, Quarantine, in their infinite wisdom decided that a grey/black agar solution does not necessarily mean mould!

2. Grand Champion of Show was a Lycaste.. and beautiful though it may be, it certainly was not a popular winner!

3. As it turns out, there is an international Phalaenopsis mob... and their display almost made me buy a Phalaenopsis! www.phal.org

4. the most beautifully fragrant displays were those with Australian native Dendrobiums!

hmm... I think that's about it!

again, sorry bout the no pic thing...
Hey Heather !!!

Waddya want? :p The show started last Wednesday and I turned up there for the Thursday full of vim and vigour after having driven 600 odd kilometres the day before jumping out of my skin because I was about to pick up some much desired flasks/plants from In Charm and Peruflora.

In Charm didn't know me for all that I got two emails from them. Peru Flora couldn't sell me the plants I'd ordered (until later that day and then I only got to get one flask because all the others were in $%^&* Sydney). I have some pictures but haven't yet processed them - had no time for the Lycaste having heard the story about it a short time before.

The "real" champion of the show was a paph fairrieanum (got a couple of shots Tadd). The reason I say this Tim is that, reportedly, the fairrie went head to head against the Lycaste and the AOS judges awarded it (the fairrie) an 82 point HCC. The Lycaste got nada and the local judges weren't too happy :)

On Friday I drove the 600 kilometres back to Brisbane - I was shagged already and am only just getting back to speed about now.

O.K. The show had some really high quality plants on display. The Lycaste was quite attractive, I'll give it that and our judges tend to judge by appreciation. There were a number of stands that were entirely slipper. One awesome outstanding display of complexes and another that was primarily phrags that had been grown in Victoria.

Just quietely the quality of the plants and my disappointment about In Charm and the kovachii inspired me to purchase 25 high quality slippers, a flask of Michael Koopowitz with some real potential and a number of native species and hybrids. I'm currently awaiting word on the possibility that I may still be able to get the two other kovachii flasks that I'd pre-ordered.

Like I said - there'll be some photos in the near future. :)

Hey Stephan,

Make sure you check out the post on kovachii and keeping them cool. Lots of people are loosing their plants from heat. Apparently they cant take heat at all.