Help! Protekt is ruining my counters!

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Heather said:
I have these beautiful (new) dark green granite countertops and I seem to have dripped some solution with Protekt in it on them. I cannot get the residue off. Does anyone have any suggestions? It is making me nuts!!!

Thats the silicone for you. Use some tissue and put some elbow grease on it until it comes off. :poke:
oh dear... sorry to hear it Heather...

I'm afraid there's nothing to be done except to change the whole bench tops... or remodel the whole house... hmm, better yet, sell the house and buy another with a bench that isn't stained... you know it's just gonna niggle you if you don't :poke:
Since it is silicone based call a countertop place that deals with granite & ask them what they would suggest other than having them refinished.I heard granite should be refinished once a year.:)