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Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to say Hi. For those of you that do not know me, I am Dutch, was born in Kenya, but have lived in Minnesota for the last 15 years. I work at Orchids Limited here in Plymouth, Minnesota and do all the lab work and most of the hybridizing....It is kind of my dream job......getting paid to make orchid babies.......I have worked here for over 6 years now, and am starting to see the fruits of my labor. Thus far I have registered over 50 new hybrids that I have made here (The Phrag. next to my user name is one of my babies: Phrag. Pink Panther, a primary cross between Phrag. fischeri and Phrag. schlimii). In the future I will post some of my hybrids so you can see them all. Besides Plant Breeding I also have an interest in Plant Taxonomy.

I found out about this site as Jason (Fischer)...yes he is the one who the famous Phrag. Jason Fischer is named after....told me about it, so I thought I would sign up.

Welcome! It is great to have more people with your experience here. I am sure you will find plenty of threads where you could teach us all something new.

I also wanted to let you know that this is a completely free speech forum. You can post links to outside sources including retail pages, informative pages and even other forums. Your signature can have links in it as well. Feel free to promote your crosses from Orchids Limited. Jason and Jerry haven't as of yet. :)

Howdy Doc, welcome to the forum!

If you don't mind, can I ask about your breeding with Paph. callosum var. sublaeve? What characteristics do you find it imparting to its progeny? I ask because I saw the new cross in the last OR supplement of new hybrids and am now curious.

Thank you all for the warm welcomes!


To answer your question why I used Paph. callosum var sublaeve (also known as Paph. thailandense), look at the following picture of a Paph. callosum var sublaeve:


The reason I wanted to use this as a parent, even though the flowers are much smaller than a regular Paph. callosum, is that within a few years the plants will form multiple growths and have one to two flowers from each growth, so you get a nice compact plant with 10 to 15 flowers! I think the hybrids made with the species will make great pot plants for people who do not have a lot of space.

As a breeder I sometimes look for other characteristics in a plant besides "Big is Better" , I also lilke to backcross some of the complex hybrids back into species to get more vigor.

Here is a picture of the resulting cross (Paph. Linda Jackson Neese = Paph. Isle Of Red x Paph. callosum var. sublaeve):


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And to answer SlipperFan's question if we have any Phrag. Pink Panther's for sale; unfortunately we don't (We sold them all out pretty fast), but I remade the cross, so hopefully we should have some more in the near future....

Here is a bigger picture of Phrag. Pink Panther:


Regarding the sublaeve, we have two or three mother clones of that species, that Jerry has had for a while, but we keep dividing them as they are so vigorous, so we have many pots with the same clone.....but I am guessing from a one growth division to the plant you see in the picture it probably took 5 to 7 years.