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Nov 9, 2007
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I've already made several posts, allow me to introduce myself.

I got interested in orchids when I was 16, after reading Jack Kramer's book, "Growing Orchids at Your Windows". In a couple of years time, I had about 75 orchids, mostly cats and a few botanicals, in a small greenhouse. College, marriage, working two jobs, etc. intervened, and eventually my collection dwindled to nothing. Through the years I'd occasionally buy an orchid and eventually kill it ;), but I always dreamed of having the time and wherewithal to return to my first love. About a year ago, I did.

I started out with a few phals and cats on my windowsill, and bought a Flora-Cart this summer. Dennis d'Allesandro spoke at our local society a couple of months ago, and I bought 8 paphs and phrags from him, (the first I'd ever owned), and I am hooked. I will be majoring in slipper orchids from now on!

I hope to fill up my Flora-Cart and expand into a greenhouse in a year or so.

I'm very glad I found this forum, and look forward to getting to know all of you better! I appreciate all the friendly and helpful comments I've already received from many of you.

:clap:Glad you jioned us Mark! :DWe are really good at enabling!:wink::wink:
Glad to meet you and welcome. I definately have to pick up that book. The only book I have is Orchid Growing for Whimps.
Welcome, Mark

Glad to see you have joined us and are back into orchids.

Dennis is a great speaker and his pics are so interesting. I love to see any pics of the plants growing so freely in the wild.

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