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Aug 21, 2006
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Saratoga Region, New York
thought I would finally register. I juggle too many forums as it is but I miss some of you here. Hope all are well. As some of you know, my main focus with Paphs is rothschildianums and their primary crosses. I do have some other Paphs, hybrids and species as well as some Phrags. Including a compot of kovachii and a few kovachii hybrids. I also have a passion for Bulbos. and have about 80 different species of them. The there is the minor passion for Maxillaria species, oh and a love for nodosa crosses and Bl Richard Mueller crosses. The rest of the collection is a mix of odd species and hybrids. I have been trying to inventory my collection but haven't made it through the whole thing yet.

I finally got my Paph Delrosi to bloom (Paph delenatii X rothschildianum) The 2nd flower has opened. This is reportedly a shy bloomer. I am hoping that now it has bloomed it will reward me with an annual show.
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Hey Ron, Glad to have you here. :)

Sweet delrosi.

I totally understand on the multi-forum bit.

Keep us posted on the kovachii species and hybrids you have.

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