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....... The truth is that i've stop my ebay shop for plants for a very long time but seems no one mentioned here.

I registed yesterday here, it's a nice forum and i see many ones do their efforts to protect plants. So i need to say sorry to all first but i think we could still be friend because we all love slippers and I might be your best guide to chinese orchids :p and sure there are many nice photos i can share with you. You can PM me if i'm not in your welcome list and i asure wont appear in any your threads.

Welcome Yang! This forum was started due to freedom of speech, so my impression is, anyone is welcome! If you've been reading posts, then you have noticed some of us can be a bit TOO blunt at times! We are all adults, we can decide who to TRUST, buy, sell & trade with. I would more than welcome anyone's photos & any cultural tips from those that are familar with natural habitat.
HOW would we know the WHY of you stopping your ebay shop unless you tell us? There are alot of sellers on ebay, you were not/are not the only one selling wild collected plants. I don't know how we are to know if someone's had a change of heart unless they tell us. For all we know, you might not like the increased seller fees & went & sold elsewhere.
Your flasks look very nice, good way to go!
We are here because we are addicts, hopefully we can continue to learn from one another.


Nice to make your acquaintance Yang.

Thank you for making the move towards a more sustainable future for Paphs by starting to flask instead of just selling wild collected plants.

I look forward to seeing some of the flasks of plants you are growing in the Australian market one day!



Welcome, Yang.

Thank you for joining, participating, and letting us know what you're up to these days. It means a lot!

Thank you Heather, you did a great job for orchids conservation especially slippers. Thanks and i think there are big chance we met in YunNan, dont we?

welcome from peru.
Hi friend, i really appreciate the greeting from Peru, it's another fantastic place of the world for orchids besides where i live. It will be my dream to explore the rain forrests one day your there.Thanks and your are right, education plays very important of orchid coservation. And mostly orchids in danger is not caused by dealing but the "fast" developing of the country itself. many habitats now become roads, airports, or factories by increasing investments. what's more, some famous people like Chen XX play a big role in the black market. That will be a long story.

Welcome from NYC. ......... I will one day be able to buy plants from your work.:) P.S. "CONSERVATION"
Thanks Eric, i will be more anticipate of that day than you. I have been a good bussiness man for a long long time which you can read from my feedbacks :D . but big improvement still needed. Thanks!

I would more than welcome anyone's photos & any cultural tips from those that are familar with natural habitat.
Your flasks look very nice, good way to go!
We are here because we are addicts, hopefully we can continue to learn from one another.
Thanks goldenrose, its a sweet name . I will share many pics of wild Paphs in situ mostly taken by my chinese friends. They are very wonderful i promise though permission needed first but i asure they would be glad to share.

Nice to make your acquaintance Yang.
I look forward to seeing some of the flasks of plants you are growing in the Australian market one day!

Hi Tim, thanks and i also have some friends in Australian. Due to the extremely strictly custom, i think your do the best to protect the native orchids and prevent the inflow or outflow of plants. I 've read the book of Australian Native orchids, they are goregous and impressive especially those sun orchids, spider orchids. And i wish chinese orchid lovers can enjoy orchids from australian one day.

Many thanks to you all!


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Mar 7, 2007
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Hi Yang.

I am very happy to see your dream fullfil for a successful business.
Unlike most peoples, I do not believe everything governments telling us (whether it is about orchids, or war, or when to run for your life. In 1975 when the North Vietnamese broke the peace treatise, & overrun the South, our own southern government forbade peoples to leave the country, or we will be jailed. Turn out those same government honchos left the country weeks before us) So many of us stuck and died in prisons, approximately 300,000 of us died in the sea, when boats passing by not rescuing us) WE did not realized that Kissinger already made a pack with Mainland China to abandoned us. He got very upset when hearing a report that some provinces in the South still hold on, He made a remark "why don't they just die already" or something like that.
USA sold the southern Vietnameses for a potential great Chinese market. Now the Vietnamese communist government doing business with USA like no tomorrow. So why do they (the north) have to waste so many lives to control the South, when the end result would still be the same. Am I the only one seeing the irony in things like these?
I am also a buddhist, so my viewpoint is not like many other peoples on the forum.
Everything is co-dependent.
1) All the peoples buying orchids from you , buying them with their hard earned money (they did not steal it from any body) unlike the bastard like ENRON that stole billions of dollars
2) you buying the plant with your money. you did not steal it. Although many peoples did not realize, you provide a mean for those peoples who harvest the plants & their families to survive. I know poverty in Vietnameses ,where some peoples live so far from the capital that nobody care whether they live or die.
3) the peoples who harvest the plant do not steal them , they have to go to the jungles to collect them. whether they shot a deer or collect an orchid to feed their family is ok in my view (they don't have the supermarket near by like us, they don't have a 9 to 5 job like us either)
4) I totally agree with you that the collection is not what make the orchid disappear, but the development, mining, lumber industry, electric dam etc..
And how much money will go to the poor peoples who no longer have a forest to collect the orchids from where the mines now stand?


The flasks are lovely, wishing you the best on the progress and a growing list of buyers.
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Aug 19, 2007
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Catskill, N.Y.
Hi Yang,
Welcome to the Forum!!
It is very good that you have decided to start selling from the lab instead of the wild ones, It will help preserve the species for the next generation to see them even if it is not in the wild due to loss of the natural habitat or over collecting ect.
I am also a breeder & collector.



Hello Yang!!!!

I like your honesty and point of view!!! I agree with Hien, too!!! I wish you all the best with the new start and I hope it developes and grows...;) It is great to have you here...!!!

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