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May 27, 2007
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Hello everyone, my name is Josh. I am originally from Guilford, CT but I also have land and am about to start construction on our house in a small town in Costa Rica where my wife, Wendy, is from. The town is called Los Angeles de Tilaran and is about 20-25 minutes from Lake Arenal and between Cañas and Tilaran in Guanacaste (for those of you familiar with Costa Rica). I have been collecting orchids since 9th grade, I think I was 14. I grew anything I was able to find in local garden centers when I started but once I found a lady slipper I stuck with them and bought more and more. I used to have a large collection of plants but sold them before I moved down to Costa Rica (I wish I never did!) but now I am back in the US and my wife and I have started a small collection again. We also have a sizable collection of orchids down in Costa Rica. My wife and her mother were also bitten by the orchid bug (not so much slippers though, my wife is just starting to like them) many years ago and we have always added to her mothers collection when we are down there. Well thats about it.If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.
Yes, we have taken a lot of pictures of the plants down there, and also the growing area...basically a shade cloth. I'll put some of the pictures on here. Most of them are of Cattleya (Guarianthe) skinneri or "La Guaria Morada" the national flower but they also have a lot of Gongora, Stahopea, Oncidium alliance, (I like the ticoglossum the best, it's always in flower!) Cattleya alliance, and one lonely Phrag that I bought one year but never does anything.

Here are some of the pictures from my in laws house in Costa Rica

this is Encyclia cordigera

Encyclia fragrans (this was moved to another genus, I think it's Anacheilium)

This is Guarianthe (cattleya) skinneri

This is (or was) a Schomburkia, but I forget the species

I'm not sure the name of this one, I think it is Oncidium alliance. This one was in full bloom when we got there and was still in bloom when we left, like 20 days later!

and this is the grow area that they have in the house, plus the odd one mounted on the trees around the house.


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