Grodan Rock Wool

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Under my conditions, the salt accumulation on the surface is very slow. I have very benign conditions indoors with no air flow and lowish temperatures for much of the year so the moss tends to get a hold on the surface before the salts!
So I don’t need to flush too often, generally only in summer when the temperatures increase.
I’m going to give this a try. Years ago I got a Jason Fischer grown in rock wool. Huge plant growing in a small pot FULL of roots.
There are two sizes of rockwool cubes, mini cubes and cubes. Unless you have a really big plant, go with the mini cubes.
As wet growers, hybrid phrags really appreciate the amount of water held in the compost.
I use Akerne’s rain mix at the recommended rate at every watering
Hi David. You have mentioned this fert a couple times before and after visiting their site and seeing your plants over the years. I really want to add this to my supplement rotation and see what it can do. Unfortunately, they don't ship outside of Europe, and I can't seem to find it on ebay or online as of yet. But it is on my list, if anyone knows where one could pick it up state side, please chime in.