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Jun 7, 2006
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I thought I might as well pass this on from my inbox:

It’s certainly a drop in the bucket, but it’s nice to not have to complain about everything. A sense of futility is wearing. That’s a pretty solid organization by the way, as is NRDC (National Resources Defense Council): , and the Wilderness Society: Additionally, and your state’s PIRG will also help you badger the people who can pass legislation that will help on a larger scale. (A lot of politicians don’t seem to care, but there are those who do, and even more who at least want to get reelected.)

Anyway, it may interest some of you. It’s probably unnecessarily-cautious of me to add, but I’m not out to fuel any heated political/environmental debates. My blood pressure is sky high as it is, and I get way too upset by abrasive forum threads, along with everything else that matters more. I’m taking my chances with this one because it’s possible there are those who might want to do a little along this vein, but don’t know about some of these groups; lindafrog (Frog Pond Phrags) introduced me to at least one of them years ago (thanks, Linda!).
I'm familiar with EDC and NRDC.....good groups. I've had my issues with "Pirg"...specifically NYPIRG...they used to send people door to door....mostly sweet college kids, overly earnest, and who could argue with them, even if they were simply parroting lines they were told to say. But some of their people were older, arrogant and argumentative....and this is not the way that you bring people over to your side. Even worse when you p'o the people who are already on your me! But nothing you wrote will get me to raise your blood pressure.....preaching to the faithful here! Take care, Eric
Preaching to the choir here also. I subscribe to the first two you mentioned above as well as to a few others. Good that you posted those links.