Go Steelers!

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Anyone watching Steelers and Jaguars??? Pittsburgh came back from a 21-7 deficit at the half; it's now 28-29 Steelers with 5 min left. My blood pressure is off the charts! Send help!

Yeah I have to say I'm amazed by the recovery. After 3/4 of the game I had given up on them.

But then again I am a packer fan.........he he he.
Field Goal!!!!!! 38 seconds to go and no time out remaining for either team.

Has Jacksonville got this far in the play offs before?
Damnit. :( That game should've been like 50-31 all black and gold, but Big Ben tossed three freakin' INTs. Arrrrg! Will be watering Paphs with tears tomorrow.

Go Penguins!

Yeah it was great game though. It was one the steelers in theory should have won.

The comeback was amazing.
Calm yourself. It's a bunch of overpaid steroid freaks. Support less commercialised sports like women's softball or even the X-games.
My condolences! However, if it makes you feel any better; the Pats probably would have beat them badly. :sob: At least this was a great comeback!

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