Gloria Naugle

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Looks like the bud was injured on that side as the pouch has a colour-break on the same side. It will be interesting to see how the second bloom opens, I dont think it will show the same defects. Colour is great, definitely got potential.
the first blooming on mine was similar ..the second blooming received an HCC..yours has got great color ..definitely a keeper
I finally picked up on your reference to it's first blooming some seven years ago. It is an exceptionable flower it just went through a rough period during flower development. Kind of a pain in the butt it takes seven years to bloom!
Colors are different. But 7 years??? You have more patience than I do.

It was almost died and three pieces leaves left after the first bloom. This one came from In-Charm.
I have three from other breeder were never bloom from seedlings over ten years!
I still go back to your first blooming, excellent clone. May the force be with you as you grow forward! It will bloom sooner and better the next time.