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Foylon Reflective Fabric

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Jun 9, 2006
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Elk Grove, CA
I've got one brand new roll of 50 ft. by 54" Foylon fabric for sale or trade. Here's a link to what it's selling for. http://www.greenfire.net/hot/G074.html

It's brand new in it's seal-wrapped packaging. And I've got a 2nd roll that is probably close to 75ft. by 54" that I believe was special ordered. It's not in any plastic packaging, but is also brand new. I don't want to unroll the darn thing and measure it, so I'm willing to sell it by the foot, say $3 per ft plus shipping. The smallest yardage Foylon is sold at is 25ft. so this would work well for someone who only needs a little.

Why am I selling/trading it? I bought a 4 flow table/pumps, trays etc. set-up that was custom built for someone who apparently flaked out. I purchased the whole lot and will be using everything except the fabric. The fabric is used in indoor growing and light room set-ups and I won't be needing it.

Make me an offer on the 50ft. roll and realize shipping is probably going to run at least $20 and it usually sells for around $150. If no one is interested or I dont' receive a decent offer I'll go ahead and post it on ebay.





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