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for trade/sale

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Jun 9, 2006
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Glen Rock - New Jersey
paph. temptation (philippinense 'Calico' AM/AOS x kolo 'Klehm's'), unbloomed. the plant is just way to massive for me.


I'll trade for anything nice thats small, neo, phal equestris or two, small warm growing and unmounted. Yup a 3' plant for a 3" plant.

pm if interested thanks :D
two more

paph armeni white



a division i got this one from LI Jane, Jane's the sweetest, in flower. The armeni white loves jane but hates me.

bllra tahoma glacier


has good roots but the plant, as you can see from the wrinkly leaves, hates me cause i grow to warm. prefer a trade but if you want it and no one pms me about in a week its yours for shipping. if anyone wants to see a photo of the flower, bought it in bloom (over priced at hicks nursery) just tell me i think ill be able to dig one up for you
NYEric said:
Marco put the Armeni White in pure sphagnum.
I agree with Eric that you should try to keep that Armeni White, I think it has beautiful flower.
a sanderianum from Matt in a week or so :D hopefully he still has some left. And neo's from the parkside fest. I'm thinking ogonmaru or seikai. Probably ogonmaru though cause Maria wants yellow flowers. I'm gonna go bug Jason a couple of weeks before hand to ask him what he's got. I'd imagine he's busy changing diapers right now :)

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