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Trade or sale--St. Swithin

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Jun 25, 2012
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I have to divide my plant soon...so I will have a 2-3 growths division available for sale or trade. It is var. laevigatum cross instead of normal philippinense...Very nice clone(one of the best I have seen, if I may say!) Flowers look like mini Prince Edward of York...Very strong grower.

For sale--$65 plus shipping(bare-root only), Paypal.
For trade--looking for a nice armeniacum with 2+ growths or sangii(BS/NBS)

Send me PM if you are interested in it.

I will also sell my specimen plant(St. Swithin) for $300 plus shipping($60 or more depends on your location).
I don't have a flower photo in file but I can take plant photo and send to you by email.(I still don't have the ability to upload large photos here)
I think I will have two divisions available. Shipping bare-root.

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