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A few plants for sale/trade

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Apr 15, 2016
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Pittsburgh, PA
Hey guys!

So I've been getting back into slippers over the past few months but these two just don't fit in with my plans going forward. I'm going to be focusing on the Parvi species, the slippers that first got me into orchids, so these two can go. I'll say up front, these two need some TLC as they've spent the past 6 months on a windowsill with minimal care/fertilization and aren't looking the best but with a little love, they'll thrive!

I'd also love to trade for Parvi species if anyone has some extras! I honestly prefer trading to selling in most cases. I'm especially interested in micranthum, delenatii, hangianum and vietnamense but seeing as I currently only have like 5 paphs, any Parvi's will do! lol

Now, onto the plants! *I will see if I can dig up bloom pics but seeing as photobucket deleted all my stuff, its looking doubtful

Paph. Bel Royal 'Chris Swanson' HCC/AOS - $50

This is from Lucky Girl Orchids and sadly almost died to a bacterial rot last spring. I had to hack basically all the old leaves off and happily this new growth developed and looks great! It bloomed with 5 flowers after I got it (on a 1 growth plant) so in good hands I'm sure it could put on a show!
20180111_103430 by Mike Fallen, on Flickr

Paph. rothschildianum ('Mint Chocolate' x 'Atticus' AM/AOS, B/WOC) - $60

This was an eBay purchase, don't remember the seller off the top of my head. It first bloomed with 4 big flowers, again, I'll need to see if I can find pics! It currently has one unbloomed growth (looks like it should bloom this season), an old growth thats barely hanging on, and a new growth just starting.
20180111_103521 by Mike Fallen, on Flickr

I also have a really nice Phrag. Jason Fischer from OZ I'd probably be willing to trade/sell. The pics I took of it today didn't turn out, so I'll put some up tomorrow!

Payment will be via PayPal. I'll ship using USPS Priority Mail, I'm guessing due the size of these plants, it'll be around $15. Obviously, no shipping fees for trades.

Feel free to shoot me a PM if you're interested!

Won't be able to make the Paph Forum unfortunately, I'll be working that weekend.

For those interested, here's some pics of the Jason Fischer from OZ. Looking to get $85 for this one, I really wish I had a flower pic because this one is very nice! 3 old growths, and 3 new growths
20180112_095134 by Mike Fallen, on Flickr
20180112_095146 by Mike Fallen, on Flickr
20180112_095208 by Mike Fallen, on Flickr
Hey guys, sorry if I didn't respond to your PM's. I've been very busy and just haven't had the time to read all of them, but I certainly appreciate the interest!

Both paphs are gone but the phrag is still available if anyone's interested. I was able to dig up a bloom pic for it, but it was used as an avatar on another forum and the quality is obviously quite bad. It should at least give an idea of what to expect when it does bloom again.

phragjf by Mike Fallen, on Flickr

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