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For Sale Paph.armeniacum: 6-growth bareroot division. Rare opportunity!

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May 4, 2008
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Rare opportunity to obtain a good-growing, agressively multiplying cultivar of this species! Excellent flower quality as well.

Split up a couple of my 15-growth armeniacums, and have a single plant connected mass of six growths to sell. Have attached a pic of the plant and the flower. $225 + $10 USPS priority mail shipping.

Not currently in spike/bloom. Plant pic is exact plant for sale. Flower pic is of previous blooming of parent plant prior to division. U.S. shipping only, priority mail (AK + HI additional shipping applies). Paypal only, immediate payment required following purchase confirmation. NO HOLDS; first come first served. Buyer responsible for informing of weather issues re: shipping. Though I will pack crefully, I cannot be responsible for weather or damage in shipping.


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I would like this please. Can pay tonight when I get home (I have Paypal). Am in Texas and can mail heat packs to you if needed. Can also send you a prepaid Fed-Ex or UPS label. A plant this rare- I will pay to get it express delivered.
Plant received. Thank you! This is really incredible- in person this is about the healthiest looking armeniacum clump I have ever seen. And this really gives me hope to have such a vigorous parent in an eventual sib cross that can hopefully lead to an easier to grow population for long term cultivation.
I'm glad you're happy with the plant! Good luck with your breeding program!
D’aww I’d have gone for one little sprout ;). Whence did you obtain the original?
I got it as a small seedling from Venger's Orchids. I do have some individual plants left from that and another 15-growth one I broke up, as well as one entire 31-growth plant (in a separate post) for sale.