floppy leaves?

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Jun 9, 2006
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Glen Rock - New Jersey
I have a paph MK where the new leaf in a i guess a nbs/bs growth just flops over. This happened to some of my other paphs too when the new leaves were growing but they seemed to have grow out of it and the leaves straigthened themselves out. Is this sorta of thing normal?
This is common but I wouldn't call it "normall". You want to make sure that the light levels and nitrogen levels are in balance with the amount of available calcium the plants are receiving. Also, remember good air movement is essential to strong growths, however when it is up this high and flopping you now need to be the plant doctor and unwind a wire coat hanger and make a little spiral cast until it strengthens.
Bob, Thanks so much. :) I actually haven't done a oyster shell sprinkle in about 5 months. I'm gonna go give my poor MK a bit of leaf support as soon as i get home from work.
theres a bud on the same growth! just found it today after a week of neglect :clap: ....wonder if that had a little something to do with it too