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Flasks for sale, Brachy hybrid, sanderianum

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Leo Schordje

wilted blossom
Aug 22, 2006
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NE Illinois
I have flasks for sale

Paph (Wellesleyanum x Psyche) - $60 each, these are 20 to 25 plant flasks, they are big healthy seedlings ready to come out of flask. The grandparents of this cross are: concolor and godefroyae var leucochillum on the Wellesleyanum side and niveum and bellatulum on the Psyche side. This combines the four best of the brachypetalum species. Flowers will range from white to ivory background, some will open quite yellow and fade to ivory. There should be lots of spots. Good round shape, and most should have reasonably tall flower stems. Since the bellatulum is only 25% of the cross, expect the flowers to be held as high as niveum or godefroyae. Bifloral blooming should be the norm. Only 5 flasks available. This is a discount from my web offer.

Paph sanderianum, - only 3 flasks left. discounted to $75 each. see www.schordje.com for images. These are from a couple different outcrosses, my plant was either pod or pollen parent.

Mention the Slipper forum for the disount.
Thank you
Leo Schordje

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