FCC Armeni White 'Gold Country' For sale

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If the bid ended closer to next payday then I'd go for it and give it to someone who's better than me to grow, but my orchid money for this pay period is claimed! John Chant, Gone Wild and Orchids Ltd are working hard to keep me poor! :D
Ah, I know what the reserve price is and I'm not saying...but I'm thinking that if you buy it you may have to use your orchid money for the year not the month!
IT is a very nice flower no doubt about it. I really mulled about whether to get a division. But I think I prefer the clones with rounder petals. That is my one hold back. I stare at it and wish it was a little rounder. That is my personal preference though. I bounced it of someone else with similar taste and they thought so too.

It is a gorgeouse flower, huge though and looks very flat. It all comes down to what floats your boat and how much your willing to spend to float it.
:rollhappy: If an old FCC (armeniacum) fetches close to 500, then the reserve on a brand new FCC would be higher.

I am saying I just bid 500 out of curiosity and didnt meet the reserve just providing info. Setting a reserve and what the plant should go for can be different.

To me the value is not based on the award but on the rarity of the plant both in general and quality of bloom. The award adds some but little value in my mind. That being said I agree the plant is worth more than 500
Yes, rarity does add much of the value. And since Alan and I are the only ones that have it, I guess that means it's extremely rare. Of course, after this auction closes someone else will be added to the list of owners.
It is up to $1000 already. The plant is worth what someone will pay for it I guess. It certainly is not worth that to me though.

I think the value is in the color of the bloom as much as the FCC.

It must be a different photo, because the one from Candace seems to have better color? (or maybe just the size of the ebay picture?)

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