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These are some of the species that grow here in Greece... The first two pictures are taken from the BBGK (Balkan Botanic Garden in Kroussia) which is located in northern Greece... the 3d from near place and the last two near my town... :) Noone should cultivate them at home (unless they are nativelly grown... who's to blame, then...) Enjoy...!!


  • Cephalanthera longifolia.JPG
    Cephalanthera longifolia.JPG
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  • Ophrys cf mamosa.JPG
    Ophrys cf mamosa.JPG
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  • Ophrys cornuta.JPG
    Ophrys cornuta.JPG
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  • Orchis cf italica.JPG
    Orchis cf italica.JPG
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  • Serrapias.JPG
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Very nice pictures. I love seeing some "unfamiliar" orchids. I especially love the lips on the second and third ones!

Thanks for sharing!

They are beautiful indeed!!!!! I have noticed that the first one has miniature flowers of a Cymbidium species (maybe I am wrong...) They seem alike...
They are beautiful.

Some people are doing pretty well with Ophrys species and hybrids.

I think the Serapies are especially cool.

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