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Jason Fischer

Aug 26, 2006
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If you're wondering why I haven't been posting a lot lately, here's why! My first child, Emma Michelle Fischer, was born on 5/15. She really looks like her mother! Time will tell if papa's traits come through! She is a back-cross (Japanese x Half Japanese), similar to the breeding technique of Phrag. Jason Fischer, so she just has to turn out cute! (like the orchid analogy I put into this?)

And yes, if I can get Phrag. Jason Fischer to cross with Phrag. Asuko Fischer, you know what we will name that hybrid.

These pics were taken on day 2, so now her eyes are much more wide open. It's amazing to see the changes that take place daily.

Here are the pics some of you have been waiting to see:

The father & daughter shot

The stick your tounge out shot.
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You look like you have been holding babies all your life. :) Such a sweet picture! She is a beautiful little girl. Enjoy this new chapter of family life; I hope you are getting some sleep!
Baby update! Here's a shot at 1 week old! You are right Tadd, exactly right.

She's got big anime eyes. I will have to dress her up as hello kitty for Halloween.

We are thoroughly enjoying being parents!