Dendrobium okinawense

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Apr 7, 2012
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Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
This plant came from Louisiana Orchid Connection. It is just starting to open more flowers, but I shot the photos because I wanted to ask a question. Is this a correct ID?

Dendrobium okinawense on Flickr

Dendrobium okinawense on Flickr

Dendrobium okinawense plant on Flickr

The following image is from IOSPE, and it seems to be pretty different. Shapes of the petals, lips, and sepals are different, the color around the base of the lip is different. Is it possibly a difference between Okinawa, Japan form (IOSPE) vs Taiwan form? Since it is highly endangered and fairly protected in Japan, I'm assuming the one from LOC is probably from Taiwan.

Your is prettier.

Go find the species description and compare the your plant to it. Your plant might be the right plant. With regards to the color of the lip, the IOSPE plant looks a lot like some cultivars of moniliforme.
Thanks for the link, Nat. According to the key, mine fits D. okinawense. But one description doesn't fit. Mine doesn't seem to have the two keels on the lip (IOSPE photo shows it). I'll dissect the flower when I get a chance.

From looking around, I think another species in D. moniliforme group is D. wilsonii. Anyone know the difference?

Thank you for the link, Tom. There are lots of interesting info there! I can't quite see the lip (to check the two ridges) from the in-situ photos. But you are right, some of them seems to have the similar lip color as mine:


But other photos seems to have greenish color. So I wonder if there are two morphs within the population.

The other interesting thing is that the photo in Nat's link shows yellowish white flower (and this is mentioned in the description). But this doesn't seem to be true in Okinawa in situ photos.

Dot, I think it will be neater if I hang it upside down. When I move it around, the growing stem grow toward light, and it becomes messy.

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