delenatii vinicolour?

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Paph. delenatii var. or forma vinicolor is really the same like delenatii 'dunkel'. We discussed in Germany about the possibility to describe this colour-form officially as perhaps forma vinicolor because it was different enough for. But then we stopped it.
Perhaps it would be really better to produce an official name for these extraordinary beautiful clones.


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I don't think the vendor means Dunkel. There are delenatii Dunkel and delenatii vinicolour x self in his price. The Google shows one picture of delenatii vinicolour, but I don't know if I should trust the Google this time.
Just to add to the confusion I recently bought a plant labelled as
Paph delenatii var nigrescens. I can only think that it must be the same form as above. If I get it to flower I will of course post a pic. The above description of the leaves fits with what I have.
Here is vendor's answer.
delenatii Dunkel

delenatii vinicolour

What do you think? (Hope I'm allowed to use these photos here, I really don't know who the photographer is)
I think that may be the same as the plants Dennis DelAssendro was selling for a German gent a couple of years ago at the GNYOS show. The price was too high for a seedling destroyer like me. Now a multi growth specimen would do me well. I'd get one for the right price and I dont really do species.

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