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How much in US dollars is 699? I am afraid it may shock me. There are sure a lot of pretty pics on that site.

Roughly $538 US. If it is documentation of things you have pictured and posted for your entire life, I can understand the price of the book. I'm also assuming others contributed to creating the book, and they need their share as well. I've never seen this book, but by looking at the online archives it does seem that they have a great collection of species photos!
Jason Fischer said:
Roughly $538 US.
HAHAHA! Wrong. Welcome to the strength of the U.S. dollar. Everybody stop buying foreign made, the Japanese Unions wont even allow U.S. goods into the country. Most steel used in U.S. construction comes from foreign companies that undersold U.S. steel out of business. Most companies making money have connections w/ Bush and his war cabinet! Argh! :mad:
From Rob---In my humble opinion pretty pricy for 100 year old shoes...

I agree. I did buy the Taiwan IV book and I love looking at all the beautiful pictures. When you are snowed in, pictures bring the flowers inside. I just wish we could get some of those new ones here. I need to be patient!!!!! That is not easy for me to do. I want them NOW.

My son just took me for breakfast for Valentines Day. It took him so long to get here, because of the bad roads, I was half starved by the time he got here. He was late, but he did give me roses for Valentines Day. :smitten: :smitten: How is that for a thoughtful son?


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