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Sold OZ selected Fritz Schomburg

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Apr 12, 2014
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here's an offer for someone that could meet me at the NCOS show tear down day, or deep cut show setup day, SEPOS show (any day) or come to my house in southeastern pa... zero interest in shippingPhrag. Fritz Schomburg_115.jpg

i've grown this plant since i picked it off the bench back in 2014 at the zone. It matured enough this year to branch twice so it's nice and floriferous. It's the pinkish variation (a little lighter than it appears in this photo below), but the petals recurve at the pouch too much for my taste... and i need the bench space.

i paid way too much compared to todays offerings (250$) because of what else was available in the market at the time... i don't expect its worth that today. Let's make a deal. :)
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Ha. I thought I was the only one annoyed by this trait. Looks like I’m in good company. I moved on my last 3 Fritz’s because the petals did this.. Or were showing jagged teeth at the edges. Picky picky picky.
The polyploid (3n or 4n) Fritz flowers tend to stay flatter as they’ve thicker petals. The best ones stay pan flat. Same with similar crosses like PCA and Lovely Lynne.
What I saw a lot is the same group of plants sold under those 3 names, and even more... Lovely Lynne was sold under various names, Fritz Schomburg, RJ Quene, etc... in the recent years, and some awarded as well.