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Cypripedilum & Selenipedilum wanted

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Greeting to all,

I’m a researcher, living in the sunny So-Cal. My none-commercial breeding program contains mostly Paph. & Phrag. I’m currently looking for pollinator cells, for the most part, from Cypripedilum and Selenepedilum; Mexipedilum = not sure.

None-commercialized Inter-genetic slippers.

Some examples of collected pod w/ viable seeds:
Paph. Addicted Philip [adductum X philippinense] OZ cross
X Phrag Penn Creek Cascade [Gande X caudatum sub. wallisii] collected Oct. 2004
X Phrag. Geralda [sargentianum sub. lindleyanum X caudatum] May 2006
Phrag. Archetal [Hanne Powpow X sargentianum] OZ cross
X Paph. rothschildianum ‘Sun Eagle.’ collected July 2004
Phrag. Belle Houge Point [Eric Young flavum X Grande] OZ
X Paph. KO2348 Delrosii [delenatii #42 X rothschildianum] Taiwainese cross. Harvested May 2005
Paph. Bengal Lancer [haynaldianum X parishii] from SVO
X Phrag. Z5196 Frank Glanz flavum [besseae flavum X boisserianum] harvested 2004
Phrag. Giganteum [Grande X caudatum] OZ old cross
X Paph. lowii 4N. harvested Dec. 2005
X Paph. Sander's Pride [stonei X sanderianum] Jan. 2006
X Paph. rothschildianum ‘Tiger’s Eyes.’ harvest May 2006
X Paph. armeniacum ‘Paradise.’ Harvested June 2006
Paph. Z2136 Prince Edward of York, select
X Phrag. Geralda [sargentianum sub. lindleyanum X caudatum] harvested Jun. 2006
Paph. rothschildianum ["Eurika" X "Rex"] OZ
X Phrag. sargentianum. harvested Jul. 2006
X Phrag. schlimii. harvested Jul. 2006

Some of those in progress:
Phrag. Z5408 Phrag Archetal flav [Hanne Powpow X sargentianum]
#2,3 X Paph. Dollgoldi [rothschildianum X arneniacum]
#3,2 X Paph. A De Lairesse [rothschildianum X curtisii]
Paph. PA2702 [armeniacum X Hsinying-Concolor]
1/ 2 X Phrag. Living Fire [Sorcerrer's Apprentice X besseae]
Paph. Dollgoldi 2nd lot plant [rothschildianum X arneniacum]
2/2 X Cyp. pubescens. Pollinator given by Gordon.
Phrag. Geralda [sargentianum sub. lindleyanum X caudatum]
4/9 X Cyp. pubescens. Pollinator given by Gordon.
3/9 X Cyp. acaule. Pollinator given by Gordon.
Paph. Kolosand album [kolopackingii sub toperi X sanderianum]
3/5 X Cyp. pubescens. Pollinator given by Gordon.
4/5 X Cyp. acaule. Pollinator given by Gordon.
Paph. In-Charm Handel [delenatii X hangianum]
X Cyp. reginae. Pollinator given by Gordon.
Paph. Lowhum [lowii X hirsutissimum sub. Esquirolei]
#3, 3 X Phrag. Z6792 besseae, select 'Heaven' X 'Smoking'
#2, 2/3 X Phrag. Z4631 Mountain Maid flav [hirzti X besseae flav]
Paph. Mem. Rex Van Delden [Lady Isabel X armeniacum]
1 X Cyp. acaule. Pollinator given by Gordon.
2 X Cyp. pubescens. Pollinator given by Gordon.
Paph. KO4097 Micheal Koopowitz [philipiinense X sanderianum]
2 X Cyp. reginae. Pollinator given by Gordon
1 X Cyp. acaule. Pollinator given by Gordon.

Looking for pollinator cells for these spiking in various stages or signaling of spiking in the next 6 months; pup, widen of base, leaves changes, etc.
Paph. philippinense album [Rue Ann Jade descendent]
Paph. Micheal Koopowitz [philippinense X sanderianum]
Paph. Primcolor [primulinum X concolor]
Paph. littii
Paph. unregis.[Bengal Lancer X J.C.]
Paph. Julius [rothschildianum X lowii]
Paph. Delrosii [delenatii X rothschildianum]
Paph. Gloria Naugle variegate [rothschildianum x micranthum]
Paph. Fumi’s Gold [concolor X armeniacum]
Paph. Magic Lantern [delenatii X micranthum]
Paph. Joyce Hasagawa select [delenatii X emersonii]
Paph. Harold Koopowitz select [rothschildianum X maipoense]
Paph. Unregis [Lady Isabel X malipoense]
Paph. It’s Doll [St. Swithin X malipoense alba]
Paph. Roifei
Paph. Henryetta Fugigawa alba & pink form [haynaldianum X primulinum]
Paph. parishii spp.
Paph. Prince E of Y. [rothschildianum X sanderanum]
Paph. Saint Genevieve [Saint Swithin X Genevieve Booth]
Paph. Booth’s Sand Lady [sanderianum X Lady Isabel]
Paph. Shi-Yi Fireball [Genevieve Booth X Berenice]
Paph. Screaming Eagle [berenice X sanderianum]
Paph. unregis. [tonsum X Saint Gratix]
Paph. Unregis. [Sierra Lace X fairrianum alba]
Paph. Woluwense [niveum X rothschildianum]
Paph. Wossner Stonami [stonei X armeniacum]
Paph. Wossner Diamond [primulinum X sanderianum]
Paph. Wossner Kolosand [koloackingii X sanderianum]
Phrag. Archetal
Phrag. Mountain Maid Flavum
Phrag. [Saint Owen X pearcei]
Phrag. [pearcei X Silver Eagle]
Phrag. longifolium sub. hinksianum
Phrag. richterii
Phrag. Geralda albo-roseum first bloom showed milky-white inflorescent [white & rose-red form of Geralda, caudatum alba used as pollinator]
Phrag. unregis spp.? first bloom supposed to be purplish-rose-red. Good candidate for Cyp. acaule.
Not all belong to me. Have 25% in stock are on breeding loans from private & institution sources.
10% of my plants are out on loan.

Working on:
Intergenetic-slipper pollination technique.
Growing methods that allow slipper to live in pot permanently, w/out disturbing the root system, as they are in their native habitat. Only upsize pot required every 8 > 10 years or so.
Reintroduce/ redefine the art of plant keeping as an art form.
None orchid topic: Obscured Sociology, ‘Shut! We don’t talk about The Obvious Secrets of the Mind’.

Personal profile:
Money: very little, barely only enough to eat & pay bills [on occasion, too often I’m afraid to admit, cheated the budget to buy new plant like a drug addict]. Not a multi-millionaire. Do have siblings that are, but that’s no help. They always ***** at me for not put out a book to make some easy money & get a title, ‘Author,’ to live in a better neighborhood & drive better car; may be then I get more date!
College: some.
Degree: some.
Knowledge: not a whole lot.
IQ: lost calculator & the contraption to measure IQ in the yard somewhere! Sometime I feel like a mad scientist, accept that I’m not that smart or that mad!
Look: Don’t know. Get marriage prop. every 1.5 years, so must not be too, too ugly, or have bad personality.
Generals: jean & t-shirt kind, but difficult to live with. Widower since… haven’t find another one, who capable of put up with me yet; even those I’m generally a good natured person.
Job: yup, a bit lazy. Only work 2 days/ week at my so called job [efficient & high productivity, 2 days = 5+ days from other people. There to work, not to ***** about the boss => show up 2 days /week] = 2.5 X median income for my age group. Always too busy doing stuffs, god knows what.
Hope: within 10 years, see a virtue reference library for slipper, when people in the world can have remote access to a live plant via camera. Its database contains detail info. to let people see the different between spp. for example Paph. hookerae vs. its sub. spp. volonteanum [staminole & leave base], the differences among the 20+ known relatives of the appletonianum group, Paph. adductum and its sub spp. anitum, Paph javanicum and its relatives virens and sugiyamanum, etc. The art of potted-live plant keeping would be presented in a new / or rather a renewed point of view. 2nd is a live/ interactive sociology inverted-book/ reference database. Yes I’m a nut sometime.

Thanks to all those sold me stuff, gave me stuffs, and last but equally important, those referred me to stuffs.


p.s. after all this b.s. don't forget, I'm looking for Cyp. & selen. thanks again.
Welcome from NYC. It seems you have some plants from OZ. I would love to see photos of the Phrag. Geralda albo-roseum first bloom showed milky-white inflorescent [white & rose-red form of Geralda, caudatum alba used as pollinator] and Phrag. unregis spp.? first bloom supposed to be purplish-rose-red. It seem that like some of us you have an interest in off color hybrids. There are a few threads here about intergenetic crossings and I'm curious to read more about your attempts and any progress.
re > NYEric

Hello Eric,
Phrag. caudatum used is a F1 selfing from a normal color import/ collected (> US ~ 1975/ 76, I was told by owner, no verification found from vendor/ importer of that era)caudatum sub. gigantea (not hybrid. Phrag. Giantea [Grande X caudatum lindenii/ sanderae/ etc.), which has no color pigment, including the multi-pigmented white color; simply green and translucent area. It's not a new spp., but only a rare multation of a registered spp. Currently in the San Fran's bay area. Sorry don't have permission from owner to take or show photo. The Geralda, however, is mine, so I guest I cant take a couple photo of it. Don't to must photo in the past, because most of my clients/ associates/ & others, are private collectors and photographing their stuffs is a very, very big "NO, NO." Will dig out for my digi-cam from gara on my next break from being busy. This geralda only cary ~ 20% or so of the albinistic gene due to the half sargentianum sub. lindleyanum is a tremendously strong plant, genetically, inflorescent = over 1.5 meter tall, natural spread over 1 meter. Gerald's first of 6 -> 9 flowers inflorescent (barely 34 inches tall, first bloom) should be open in the next few days.
Hey Beni,

Welcome to the forum! I'm sure I've seen your name somewhere.... :)

- Matthew Gore

Hello Matt.,
beni's popular name, event for a pet rat [don't keep them, even though some are not so nasty and quite nice, per owners!].
Got few things from you last year. Or you could have read my view on "Dead vs. Live" tissue, in UK, few years back?
Any Case, thanks for the stonei. Was very lucky 1 of 3 might be a sub. spp. 2 bloomed, 1 on vacation.