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Nov 14, 2006
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Knoxville, TN
I have wanted a division of this one for awhile and finally talked someone into giving me one. I am really happy to have it. If you accidentally hit one of the triggers in the flower it will slap you with a pollen capsule which sticks surprisingly well. It is growing well in S/H medium.



Growing them in S/H would make it less tippy. Mine came in tiny pots and are always tipping over, and they dry out so fast. I was even thinking of getting rid of them, they look like cornstalks, but now I may try S/H for them and maybe they will be keepers.

I grow almost everything in S/H but I didn't think of repotting these little guys so soon after I got them. Guess I will need to soak some marbles.
You could sit your little pots into larger clay pots, that keeps them from tipping over. I'd wait on repotting until they are dormant.
Hi all,

Well, how did you manage to make the plant produce so many roots? Excellent photos... :)
Thanks for the complements.

Biothanasis - I just put it in semi hydro medium and it does the rest! These plants are usually really good growers.

Hi all,
e-spice: Is it the same with cycnoches species? Their body structure seems the same... (maybe!!)... You just water the plant and fertilise it weakly-weekly? Any tip? Thank you anyway!!!

Best regards... :)