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Jun 6, 2006
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For the "name that orchid" contest, we have three winners.

Just to add to the suspense, I will remind you of the fabulous prizes donated!

First Prize: A $50.00 Gift Certificate to the vendor of your choice.

Second Prize:The choice of either a beautiful Paph. Michael Tibbs (armeniacum x philippinense) OR a $30 gift certificate to Robert Bedard Horticulture. Generously donated by member, Robert Bedard.

Third Prize: A compot of Lucille Booth, generously donated by member Peter Cataldo.

Thanks to everyone who participated and donated!

And the winners are....

1st Place ~ Greenpaph!
2nd Place ~ Jon in SW Ohio!!
3rd Place ~ Dustywoman!!!

Congratulations to Peter, Jon, and Susan!!!!
The winner of the contest for lurkers, and the recipient of a $50 gift certificate to the orchid vendor of their choice is...


Congratulations! Contact Heather or me to claim your prizes.

[email protected]

Thanks to all the participants, and please keep posting now that we have heard from you!
How about posting the answers in the other thread?


Did you have a draw among all correct answers because you had too many ?
Congratulations to the Winners :clap: :clap: :clap:

Yes, out of curriosity how many people submitted answers, and of those how many had all 10 correct?

Wait A Minute....

OK I need to give you guys some CRAP about this contest!

Picture #4 is not a neofinetia falcata. Any exsisting yellow neofinetia is actually an ascofinetia because ascocentrum is used in the backgrount to create a neofinetia look with a yellow flower. Therefore, all contestants should receive a $50 gift certificate. Call me a sore loser if you will :sob:
Yeah, I hate to say it Jason, but the only person who even mentioned that #4 could have ascoscentrum in the background was Robert Bedard (not you or Robert Jan, you both named it Neo. Falcata). No one would have gotten that answer correct. Every other person who got that question "right" answered it as Neofinitia Falcata. I think there were only 2 or 3 people who didn't get that one.

But, if you're willing to pony up $50 gift certificates for everyone.... :)
I sent this on Friday from my Yahoo
Hey Dude! Thanks for running a contest, I have had fun over the last week or so looking at all the old photos I have missed on the forum. Thanks for such a great resource.

1. - Paph moquettianum 'Queen of Peace' - Greenpaph
2. - Phrag wallissii - Jon in SW Ohio
3. - Paph druryi 'Truford' - Kentuckiense
4. - Neofinetia falcata 'Ogonmaru'- Jon in SW Ohio
5. - Phrag Beverly Fischer - Heather
6. - Cyp parviflorum v. pubescens - Kentuckiense
7. - Phrag besseae "Tandy" - JohnM
8. - Paph tigrinum - Wendy
9. - Paph spicerianum - cdub
10. Paph primulinum - Slipper Fan

So I hope they are correct, it was fun!

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