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Sep 14, 2006
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New York City Apartment
Hi. I really have only been interested in Parvi/Brachy hybrids before; but since all you Paph people are enticing me with photos I have a question. Is there a place where I can see all the Paph species at once to look at what I might be interested in?
Thanx everyone but I wont steal much time on this from NYC today. I went to Parkside site and saw plenty of photos. I usually only buy larger multiple growth Paps to get a better chance of survival, so that limits what I can buy. Luckily there are a few like that. If I save up enough and have any bucks after the GNYOS show I'm going to go crazy for a bunch of [shhhh, don't tell the Phrags] Paphs. I was also checking out the multi-floral plants and notice that except for a few color differences, to my untrained eye, they mostly look alike. I'm going to pick out the funkiest of these and get a few also. THanx again for the advice.

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