Treated myself to a couple of choice paphs.

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Jun 8, 2006
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Albany, N.Y. USA
Have been going through the trials and tribulations of life and decided we can’t live forever and decided to go for it. Just click on the photos to see the photos in full size.You’ll all recognize the first one as mastersianum.


Next one is Johanna Burkhart x Lady Roth


And last but not least is Regene Plows



Before anyone asks, no this is not my green house. These are photos from the seller as I’m sure the flowers will not be as pristine upon arrival.
Wow those are all fantastic examples. Exceptional.

Hope all is well and that you enjoy them!
I like the coloration on your Regine Plows, and there appear to be 5 flowers on the inflorescence!!!
Fred Clarke was kind enough to name this cross for my friend Regine. One of the parents is Johanna Burkhardt. Regine and her husband Bruce were quite good friends with Johanna and Hans Burkhardt, so the name honors that friendship as well.

Here is Regine Plows 'Austin Creek' AM/AOS
All three plants are outstanding. But the two multi's are incredible, especially the colour. The Regine Plows is the pick for me.