chamberlainianum var. primulinum?

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In my experience Paph. primulinum has solid green foliage. Yours appears to be mottled. As far as I know there is no chamberlianianum var. primulinum (primulinum is considered a species in its own right). Could it be a primary of chamberlianianum x primulinum?
This is definitely not primulinum.

Currently, Paph. chamberlainianum is now Paph. victoria-regina, which has vertical stripes on dorsal (yours doesn’t).

So the most correct ID if it is a species is Paph. liemianum with the solid white corona on the dorsal, the raspberry speckling on the pink pouch and the green base maroon suffused staminode.

The hybrid of old name chamberlainianum x primulinum is Amelia Hart Alexander. It looks to have the yellow green influence of primulinum which this flower doesn’t seem to have.

As such, I suspect this plant as liemianum.
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