C. sincoriana’Alpine Medows’ AM/AOS

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She's a beauty..... great in all parts. May I ask, you took her in the open just to take the photo or do you grow her there during the warmer months ?
Lovely sincorana. That shape is great. I have the hardest time blooming these. do you have any pointers?
No special formula I’m afraid.
My GH is not heated so ranges 80 high in summer and 40 low in cool seasons. It’s mounted and growing vertical on a tree fern pole in this case but cork bark works well also. I really believe that mounting is a major plus for these types as they like to crawl. And the risome is fairly shortI. If hanging a mount is an issue I also stand the mounts in a pot. Good air movement as well.
Sorry nothing really special to revel. It’s a pretty reliable bloomer for me but it’s also been getting bigger each year for 10 plus years.

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