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Tony, It is a very nice display...
what is the name of the species in the pot labeled #12
...I have something like that growing in my woods. The leaves are interesting(reddish and some marking) and the flowers(along a thin stem) are tiny...it dies back to the ground in summer and then it emerges in the fall....
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Wait a minute, don't tell me this person grow the orchid on rare expensive Reishi mushroom substrate? are they Reishi mushrooms?
Not reishi (Ganoderma tsugae and G. curtisii, mostly, in U.S.). Looks like turkey tail (Trametes versicolor) and maybe Oxyporus populinus, the mossy maple polypore. Possibly another Trametes such as T. gibbosa but I don’t think so.

Reishi are not rare, btw. One of the most abundant polypores in the world. It’s widely cultivated in Asia and increasingly here in North America too.

I love the imaginative arrangements. Surprised to see the Tipularia; guessing those are dug up? Never seen anyone grow and and skeptical about its cultivatibility.

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