Cattleya trianaei concolor

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Leslie, is there a specific definition of concolor for judging? The specific word definition just says uniform color. When I look up pictures for concolor of trianae, labiata, and mossiae, I seem to mostly see a light to medium pinkish color throughout.
Terry, good question.

A concolor is defined in a flower as having the same 'uniform' color throughout, both in sepals and petals as well as the lip.

However in cattleyas, it is acceptable to have some yellow in the throat as long as there are no pink or red lines in there.

The color of the tepals can be blush pink to dark pink, as long as the shade of pink in the lip is the same.

There are times when the outside margin of the lip is darker. In this case, it will be likely ruled out as a concolor.

In the case here with the flowers above, the margin of lip do look slightly darker in photo (almost appearing amoena), but might be due to the lighting, camera or shadows. So until you see the flower in front of you, it may not be so easy to tell.