Cattleya purpurata carnea ‘Waldemar Silva’.

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Nov 28, 2009
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Cambridge, UK
Last of the purpuratas to flower this year.
This clone is named after a famous Brazilian orchid grower and may have originally come from him.
The lip is not pure carnea. There is some purple pigment in the throat. Later breeding of this form has removed this colour and concentrated the pink into closer to a red.
Nice to see the diversity of color forms all together. Mine all bloom serially over 6-8 weeks, so I can't compare and contrast which is my favorite. The werkhauseri is very nice as well.
Patrick, they’re all windowsill grown plants. These like my sunny south facing windows. But remember I am in the UK where temperature extremes are rare.
William, the albas are lovely but quite rare. I’ve not seen one for sale in Europe and now we are extremely limited by Brexit. If I had room, the schusteriana form would probably be my next choice.
OMG! What can I say but: pant, pant pant! What a gorgeous display, David. Impressively well done! ✌

(By the way, a C. purpurata carnea 'Waldemar Silva' x 'Maria de Gloria', NBS, from Hilmar is on its way to me in the mail. I would be glad, if I in any way succeed with it and proud just to approach something near your fabulous results, David!)

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