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Dec 9, 2006
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Penang, Malaysia..d home of fabulous paphs.
An old hybrid, supposedly awarded an FCC although some people said the judging of this plant was a bit controversial. Nevertheless, I like it very much. Reliable bloomer, the buds do not blast easily, carrying usually 2 flowers per spike on a compact plant and long-lasting for cattleyas (up to a month).

The most recent bloom:

Previous bloom (first time):
If you google this cross, some people said that when the plant was awarded, the flowers were physically manipulated by holding the petals between 2 pieces of cardboard to give very flat flowers. And apparently a 'standard practice'by that particular grower.

I thought that was common practice - 'grooming' flowers,
"Suiting" - Very popular with Asian growers/showers.

For a good pic on how it's done, google "manipulating cattleya petals" and look at image results.

I would consider it beyond just "grooming flower", particularly when put into the arena of AOS judging. Though, for ribbon judging, it wouldn't phase me a bit if you wanted to put all that effort into it. Just don't sell divisions of the plant for big dollars afterwards by not telling buyers you have manipulated the blooms.

I believe it was Rlc. King of Taiwan 'Orchis' that was shown at the old NY show. Divisions of the awarded plant were sold at an extravagant price. On subsequent bloomings it never looked the same and certainly was not worth the price that was asked.

I suppose a savvy orchid buyer is purchasing plants, but they are also purchasing genetics - that create the physical attributes. So suiting treads a thin line of honesty....

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